Water is an essential element of life

"Water is an essential element of life and a distinct aspect of Paris. No wonder a painter like Antonio Jose Ugarte deals with the water as his objective and subject. He has found in Paris the motivation and the variety of this vital fluid of great importance, enriching his images and reinforcing his creative conviction.

Ugarte observes the world around to make his choice of fragments that will create his message on canvas. All his work revolves around water. In the beginning he worked on man, the athlete, the body... soon after he began to center his work around swimming pools and urban motifs. Later, Ugarte became himself the subject of his work among forms, figures, reflections, wakes, illusions of that what is and what the picture suggests.

Ugarte arrives in Paris, just as he had arrived to other capitals, but it was in Paris where he had the revelation of "The Water", its metaphoric importance and visual rite: memorable waters, places of pilgrimages, liberty of the vital fluid, reflective and spiritual... waters associated with man, with life's spirituality.

Water, like a brushstroke on a painting, sets itself each day like a current that gives life and force to the persistant dream. The "North", that runs freely, that always returns.

Juan Carlos Palenzuela, Paris